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What is - , How to & Tips | Furnishings and Amenities: A Brief Look at What Your Corporate Apartment Offers Furnishings And Amenities: A Brief Look At What Your Corporate Apartment Offers

Although corporate housing has been around for many years, few people have taken advantage of it. There continues to be an expectation that the furnished apartments, condos, and townhouses are reserved for corporate employees. The reality is that anyone can lease these properties on a temporary basis by working with a corporate housing provider.

Because most people are new to staying in a furnished apartment while traveling, few know what to expect when they arrive. This article will describe many of the features you\ll enjoy. From basic amenities to luxuries available upon request, you\ll find that staying in corporate housing is similar to relaxing in your own home.

Basic Amenities You\ll Enjoy In Your Furnished Apartment

Like most travelers, you\re likely familiar with the furnishings in a hotel room. In addition to the bed, most units come with a small dresser - , two nightstands, and a small table with a couple of chairs. Some may offer a small couch. There\s very little room to store your own items, such as clothing, blankets, and various toiletries.

A furnished condo or apartment is much different. You\ll have numerous places to store your clothes and other personal items. You\ll have an entire closet to fill (you can also request to stay in a property designed with a walk-in closet). In addition to a comfortable bed, you\ll also have numerous chairs, tables, and full-sized couches to lounge upon.

These amenities are merely the beginning. Your corporate condo provides several additional benefits - , such as more space and peace and quiet.

Spacious Quarters And A Peaceful Environment

Although most people know what to expect when they stay in a hotel, few enjoy the cramped quarters. If anything, their expectations have helped them to tolerate the small space. Most hotel rooms are designed with a utilitarian focus. There\s room to sleep and shower, but little room to do much else.

Additionally, other hotel guests come and go throughout the day and evening. This creates noise, whether from talking and laughing in the hallways or slamming doors on the way in and out. Many vacationers find it difficult to relax, watch television, read - , or sleep. If you\re traveling on business, it may be nearly impossible to do much work.

First, corporate housing is far more spacious than the hotel accommodations you might be used to while away from home. You\ll enjoy up to 800 square feet, an expanse compared to the 300 square feet offered by a standard hotel room. That means you\ll have more space to move around and relax.

Second, your furnished living space is located in an area occupied by residents. For example, you\ll stay in a peaceful apartment complex, condominium, or townhome. Those who live nearby are less likely to generate noise since they work during the day and relax during evening. This means you\ll enjoy a quieter environment.

A Fully-Equipped Kitchen At Your Disposal

One of the drawbacks to traveling is that most hotel accommodations lack the necessary equipment to cook your own meals. Hence - , you\re forced to eat at restaurants, delis, or to grab a snack that can be gulped down quickly. Not only is this an unhealthy way to maintain your diet, but it can also become expensive.

Your corporate condo comes with a fully-stocked kitchen. You\ll be able to cook meals on the stove or in the oven, or reheat leftovers in the microwave. You can store groceries, such as milk and other perishables, in the large refrigerator. You\ll also have plenty of cookware, glassware - , and flatware at your disposal. With a weekly run to a local grocery store, you can prepare all of your meals in your apartment.

A Personal Washer And Dryer In Your Apartment

Another advantage of leasing a corporate condo or apartment is that you\ll have access to your own washer and dryer. Both will be inside your temporary home. You can do your laundry whenever time permits rather than having to drag your clothes to a local laundromat or dry cleaner. As a result, you\ll save money and time.

Other Amenities You\ll Enjoy In Corporate Housing

Every furnished apartment, condo, and townhouse comes with cable television, a DVD player, and high-speed internet access. Depending on your preferences, you can also request a property that offers a patio - , fireplace, hardwood floors, and a walk-in shower. Some properties are well-suited for those who enjoy biking and hiking, offering trails near the complex. Others are ideal for those who stick closely to a workout routine, providing a fully-stocked gym on the premises.

No two properties are identical. That means you\ll have the freedom to lease fully-furnished accommodations that closely match your lifestyle and needs.

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