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One suspect wore a white handkerchief in his face

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Konu: One suspect wore a white handkerchief in his face
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Konu: One suspect wore a white handkerchief in his face
Mesaj Tarihi: 02/Mart/2016 Saat 08:55
Tomasz Baginski - made his first film after a series of successful films - will direct. TV prolific writer Thania St. John will write the script. Three thieves Sandusky would take place a man at gunpoint Saturday, demanding to know the fate of marijuana. The trio of weapons whipped the victim and stole - SWTOR Credits the game, police said.

The man, aged 22, and his girlfriend, 19, were at home in the 600 block of Pearl Street when they heard a knock at 07.30 When the man answered his door, black men described as "three suspects They assaulted and attacked him. (He) was pistol whipped cream and shot in the head on the couch "according to a police report Sandusky.

A beige jacket and a blue hat. The second wore a headscarf and a black jacket. The third suspect was no mask is one that has a gun, according to the pair. The woman said she could not provide further details because the lights were off. "Subjects started asking where his marijuana and told they did not have," said the report. "(The woman told police) it was strange marijuana began calling because they are not drugs," the report said. The group seized five sets of Playstation and out the back door.

The man had a black eye from where he was beaten, but was consistent and refused medical help, police said - bns gold . When officers initially responded to the scene briefly detained the man, and he had a gun holstered on his hip. When he realized he was the victim was released. Police searched around the farm and the surrounding area, but found no evidence.

Sayfayı Yazdır | Pencereyi Kapat