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To start with The Nike Air Max 2014

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Konu: To start with The Nike Air Max 2014
Mesajı Yazan: abby222
Konu: To start with The Nike Air Max 2014
Mesaj Tarihi: 27/Ekim/2015 Saat 08:41
Nike is implementing the release of the new - air max 2014 black model, called the Air Max Zero, that we get a first look at through Complex.

According to the mag, Coleman Design Director Graeme McMillan unearthed an old sketch through legendary brand designer Upgrade Hatfield that predated their iconic Air Max 1 product. The drawing served as the starting place of what has become the brand new - nike air max 90 men .

According to Hatfield, the sketch was actually ahead of its time: "Not just when it comes to its appearance, but also the construction it required, inch he said.

Years later on, - discount air max innovations in technologies and materials have superior enough to execute Hatfield's original vision. "Inspiration may come from many places. Weight loss be afraid to learn from a pre-existing design and make it your personal, " says Hatfield.


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