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customer Milan Michalek Senators Jersey

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    Gönderim Zamanı: 13/Ağustos/2016 Saat 13:08
Getting Into Great Condition Using an Interval Timer Outside the programs that are designed to obtain a specific goal Erik Karlsson Jersey , such as increases in 1RM strength, or an increase in muscle mass, etc, conditioning workouts can also be an integral part of a well designed program. In my earlier days, like most western trainers, I generally ignored General Physical Preparedness (GPP) general conditioning when focusing specifically on an increase in strength and LBM. The more western approach to increasing strength, muscle mass, or what ever the specific goal, is to simply focus on the training that follows the goal, and generally ignore everything else. For example Daniel Alfredsson Jersey , if you want to be good at the powerlifts, just practice the powerlifts and so on. That, more or less, is the classic old school western model, although things have changed for the better in recent years as what worked well for western strength athletes has influenced eastern approaches and vise versa and modern coaches have rethought some of their approaches in recent years. However, most of your everyday people in the gym often fail to realize how much has changed in the past decade... One of the most successful strength coaches on the planet, Lou Simmons, is a big proponent of GPP for strength athletes of all kinds regardless of their specific sport. His article on the importance of GPP is a ?must read? in my view. Over the years, an appreciation on my end for GPP was responsible for the addition of my HybridHIIT day as part of Brink?s Hybrid Training Program, which has led to improvements in body composition Craig Anderson Jersey , strength, and GPPconditioning, for those who have followed it. There are many ways to go about incorporating GPP into a program, but that?s not the focus of this write up; I encourage people to read Simmon?s article on the topic. Other very successful SnC coachescompetitors, such as Dave Tate and others, are also proponents of intelligently applied GPP. How GPP is applied depends to some degree on the goals of the person, experience levels, etc., so some research is warranted before jumping into it. Can the intelligentappropriate use GPP training ? besides the obvious benefits to health and conditioning ? make one a better power lifter, a better bodybuilder Clarke MacArthur Jersey , a better athlete regardless? In my experience and opinion, the answer is yes. With all that in mind, I wanted to discuss one of my favorite gizmos called the Gym Boss Interval (GBI) timer, and how I recently used it in my GPPConditioning day. The GBI timer is one of those ?why the hell didn?t I think of this?!? simple gadgets, that although not essential to a program per se, adds so much convenience to any workout that involves an interval of some sort, you don?t know how you lived without it. Simply put, it?s an inexpensive timer that will track two separate times intervals and combine them for you into a single program. For HIIT training, it?s a must have gadget. However, I find it useful for various activities that involves any type of interval time between exercises Chris Neil Jersey , or rest periods. What follows is a recent GPPconditioning day I followed that is a current favorite of mine, and how the GBI Timer was used. This particular day calls for: ? 10 minutes of HIIT training ? 10 minutes of heavy bag work ? 10 minutes of lateral medicine ball wall smashes I set the GBI timer for a 30 second: 1 minute interval that lasts 10 minutes long. The timer will beep after each interval, so no watching clocks on the wall or display on some machine while trying to focus on not dying during HIIT! The three sessions for this day are done with minimal rest between them. How much rest? ?Till you have the ability to go onto the next one. If you can jump right from the HIIT session to the heavy bag work, go for it. I usually need a few minutes to get my legs to work properly and my breathing back? HIIT session for the day: The HIIT protocol I use for this session goes like so: after a brief warm up ? 5 minutes or so on the treadmill ? I will use a stair stepper type machine and will do 1 minute low intensity followed by 30 seconds all out, and repeat. I will do that for 10 minutes, which is literally all I can stand. When I say ?all out? I mean 100 intensity, nothing held back, as fast and as hard as my legs can move me, similar say to a full sprint on a track. Quick important note here: what most people consider HIIT is not. Most people who think they are doing HIIT are not. My full comments on that can be found in my article ?HIIT Training, are you really doing it?? As mentioned above Bobby Ryan Jersey , the Gym Boss Interval timer is worth every penny when it comes to HIIT considering how difficult HIIT is (when done correctly!) and not having to keep track of the intervals allows one to really focus on the effort. Heavy Bag Session: Heavy bag training, if you have never done it, is amazingly taxing. Again, the GBI timer is invaluable to me as I just want to focus on what I am doing vs. looking at the clock on the wall. Although one can certainly alter the intervals on the timer, I like to stick to my 30 second: 1 minute intervals for 10 minutes. I?m lazy I guess. The heavy bag is 30 seconds of heavy bag work, one minute of rest, repeat for 10 minutes. Heavy bag work is not HIIT training. It is a form of interval training to be sure, but it?s not HIIT, nor is it recommended to attempt as true HIIT. If you have never done any heavy bag work, it?s probably worth getting some coaching there Alex Chiasson Jersey , looking at some vids on the ?net. Etc. Heavy bag work can be hard on the joints, and done incorrectly, lead to injuries to your wrists, etc. How much actual effort you put into the heavy bag during the 30 second ?go? interval, is dictated to some degree by your experience with it, not to mention, that 10 minutes of HIIT that was just done leaves one feeling quite trashed, believe me. My advice, pace yourself on the heavy bag. Ten minutes of that ? This article details the power of being a Buyer in today's real estate market.

Some may read this and find it to be a bit harsh. That's fine Ottawa Senators Jerseys , it's obviously not that kind of reader that this article seeks to reach.

I am speaking to the maverick. I am speaking to the man or woman who can look themselves in the mirror and unabashedly exclaim, "I am a Capitalist"!

This article is written to speak to those who are aggressive in their pursuit of profit. Steadfast in their sojourn for success, and ready to seize 2008 as the year that they have decided to make a change in the way that they do business.

If you thought that 2007 was the Year of the Buyer, think again. It was merely a pre-cursor, a warm up, an appetizer for the capitalist feast of 2008.

Don't believe me, then you are not reading or understanding any of the stats, forecasts or projections.

If you choose to continue listen to Lawrence Yun of the National Association of Realtors paint a rosy picture of the housing market ...then pretty much you can stop reading now.

If you are hoping this all goes away, meaning foreclosures, short sales and massive REO's, then you can stop reading now.

This article is for investors, principals, the 10% of real estate agents who are actually doing something, and part of the other 90% who want to grow their business but don't know how or who have not been trained.

If you continue to think that there is no money to be made in this market or that agressively and voraciously seeking profit is wrong then you will not succeed in 2008, if ever.

On so many different fronts Thomas Chabot Senators Jersey , in so many different facets of this business it is time for change. To make this change, there are a number of caveats that must be understood and accepted from the outset.

1. There is no such thing as a lowball offer.
An offer is just that, an offer. It is the truest barometer of value in a free trade society. It represents what someone is willing to pay for a particular product or service.

You're a professional, understand for yourself and explain to your Seller, the simple Economics 101 principle of Supply and Demand.

Forget comps, forget CMA's throw them out the window. Buyers and principals, stand firm on what YOU want to offer.

Ignore listing prices completely, The list price is the figment of a starving listing agent's imagination.
Listing agents listen up, it is absolutely imperative that you realize this and impart some wisdom to your Seller clients.

You are supposedly the professional. Patients don't read x-rays, legal clients don't interrogate witnesses, Seller's seek your PROFESSIONAL opinion and it is your professional responsibility to truthfully explain to them the reality of the housing market.

All too often I hear from agents who say my Seller won't listen. If that's the case then either don't take the listing or let us all know you are dealing with an ignoramus.

You put everything else in the broker's remarks section of the listing. Why not insert a comment such as "Client is a moron and still thinks it is 2004". Enough said, we won't bother you with the call that you won't answer anyway.

2. In today's real estate market, the Buyer has all of the power. Finally in the real estate industry, the customer is king!

It is amazing that in just about every other sales market, the customer is king. The customer Milan Michalek Senators Jersey , or the Buyer, is most assuredly who is in control and deservedly so. It is the Buyer who must be catered to, not the Seller.

When you walk into a fine dining restaurant, the Maitre d' greets you with a smile and your "buying experience" begins and ends with people catering to your every need. When you buy a Rolls Royce the salesmen book you an appointment and lavish the Buyer with all kinds of goodies.

Many fine oriental restaurant offer their customers hot towels so that they can refresh themselves and relax.

They all understand that the customer is king. He or she is in their establishment with the expectation of spending money and in return helping the establishment earn a profit.

If I was an agent in today's market I would wash Buyer's feet! I would pick their dry cleaning up, I would be a complete sales concierge.

The customer is about to make one of the biggest, most expensive purchase of their entire life and most agents act as if they are being bothered!

So in speaking to you Buyers, investors and principals, you must understand and remember you are the one in complete control.

You are the most sought after commodity in the real estate marketplace. Many Sellers and agents do not even know you exist.

What a great position to be in. Turn the tables, announce your presence and let the Seller and agent who truly want to serve you, give you a reason to spend your money and time looking at their product.

Make the salesperson actually sell. There's a novel concept. The sellers need you. You don't need them. The agents need you. You don't need them. Your sole concern is getting the right property at the price you are willing to pay.

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